My first experience with photography came at a very young age during a family trip to Disney World. Much to my parent’s delight, I documented every waking moment of the vacation with my trusty blue Fisher-Price 110 camera. See if you can guess which one is me.

I don’t remember what exactly happened to that camera, but it disappeared shortly thereafter under what I consider to be mysterious circumstances. (When questioned, my parents still disavow any knowledge of its whereabouts.)

A few photography classes were offered during my middle school and high school years, and I signed up as quickly as I could. Playing with photo-sensitive paper, heavy equipment and dangerous chemicals all in a poorly lit room? I was hooked. Luckily for my friends, family and wardrobe, I jumped onto the digital bandwagon with the introduction of Canon’s first digital EOS Rebel. With the threat of accidental chemical spills now clearly out of the way, I expanded my photography into a variety of areas that I continue to focus on today. My primary interests were, and continue to be, urban and cityscape, fashion / portraiture and travel photography.

I approach photography as a unique blend of art and science… As the marriage of composition and light, balance and contrast, form and function. This website, and the images presented here, attempt to share my vision of places and moments in time. It’s my attempt to reconcile what I see with what I feel. I hope you enjoy the images, and I'm always happy to receive comments and questions should you wish to contact me.