Day 3 - More hiking, more horses

I had hoped to get in a short hike around the Kaldbaks-kot property this morning, but when I got up it was a bit grey and damp out. Thankfully as the morning progressed, the sun started peaking out and the ground dried up some. I started out down towards the lake closest to us, and then started walking around the perimeter. Lots of nice wide-angle shots with the 17-40 and a7r II, and I even managed to get a macro shot or two using the 90mm on the a7s. For the photographers thinking about coming to Iceland, I'm really like the setup of a wide-zoom on one body, and then swapping between the 55mm 1.8 an 90mm macro on the other body. It seems to work very well as a general walk around kit.

One of the cottages on the property.

Before we left Chicago, we had watched the 'Passport to Europe' episode featuring Iceland ($1.99 on Amazon!) and there was a segment on the horses, and how they have this unique cadence that's only found in the Icelandic breed. After that episode, Jessica was dead set on riding a horse here, and Jean was happy to join her in the ride. We drove out to Mývatn and found a stable so they could get their ride in, while Dennis and I drove to Dimmuborgir to see the lava columns. Unofrtunately the lava columns were far from photogenic (think really big volcano-style rocks that people sometimes have around their landscaping). It was a fun hike though, and after that we came back to pick up the girls and head off to dinner.

Doing their mirror impression. Twins and their sense of humor...
Helmet on, ready to go!
Jean getting ready for the ride.

Our original dinner place was really busy and rather than waiting 45 minutes for a table, we did some quick research and found Hótel Gígur nearby that had a restaurant. I'm glad we did, because there was some amazing scenery around the hotel.

A couple of old cottages.
The road just off of the entrance to Hótel Gígur.

After that it was time to head back home and hang out a bit before going to bed. Ice caves tomorrow! Sjáumst síðar!