Day 4 - Cows and Caves

We had a big trip planned for this afternoon, so we hung around the house a bit in the morning, and then towards lunch we took off towards Mývatn. The plan was to eat lunch at the restaurant we had wanted to eat dinner at the night before (Vogafjos Cowshed Cafe), and then on to our big tour. This time the crowds were much more tame, and we managed to get a table after a few minutes.

The neat thing about Vogafjos is that everything they serve comes from their local farm.. meat, dessert, etc.. it's all grown on their land. I wish they had grown some wheat, because the bun on the burger I had was straight out of some carb-free diet.. very chalky and thin. The chocolate cake I had for dessert was the best I'd had in Iceland though, so they made up for the pseudo-bun. Anyway, the restaurant is on their farm, and there were cows right around the corner.

Psst.. How about you get me out of this place.. I heard they serve burgers.
Come on... no one's looking.
You're not going to break me out here, are you..?

After Vogafjos, we headed towards the visitor center where we were meeting up with the tour guide who was going to take us to a lava tube / cave that had some ice caves within. After dodging swarms of flies for about 20 minutes (seriously, here's a YouTube video , it's no joke) we met up with our guide and headed out to the lava fields. Eventually (after some crazy trail driving and carrying of boots and helmets) we hit our destination. I had brought the a7s as I assumed light would be pretty poor, but the only wide zoom I had was the 17-40/F4, which made things more difficult than it should have been. If you're going to do something similar, I'd highly recommend either an f/2.8 zoom, or an ultra-wide (and semi-fast) prime. I ended up with passable shots (at least for blogging purposes), but I don't think any of the cave interior shots would hold up to a decent size print.

Mobilizing the group.
Standing by some ice.
Jessica, thinking cave thoughts.

That's about it for today. We're heading to Hofn tomorrow which is a ~7 hour drive. Not much in the way of photos since I'll be driving, but if the light is OK when we arrive I'll try to get a few shots in.