Day 5 - Some nice vistas and $63 worth of fast food.

We started off the day relatively early as we needed to make our way down south to Höfn, which is about a 6-7 hour drive (depending on the weather and road conditions). About half-way in, we started looking for a place to eat. We thought we found a nice little cafe in Egilsstaðir, but after walkng in we found out they didn't open for another half an hour. We tried one more place, and it was closed as well. Sensing the fates were not with us, we ended up at a Skálinn. This is basically a chain restaurant attached to a gas station. Don't let that fool you though, it was pretty decent and it's a far cry from those weird Subway gas stations in the states. It's also expensive as heck, we had a few burgers, my pizza and some cheese sticks, and the total came to just over $63. Yep, Iceland is expensive, even when eating 'cheap'.

After another hour or so we merged up with 939 (a pretty crazy dirt road), and just outside of Öxi we saw a vista that was pretty incredible. The clouds were really low and the light kept changing, but I did my best to get some decent shots in.

Finally, we made it to our stop for the evening, Seljavellir Guesthouse, right outside of Höfn. It's a neat hotel, kind like a collection of nicely finished cubicle rooms, with each room having a full wall of windows as the entrance (and nice blackout shades, which was a big hit with Jessica). The views from the hotel were pretty impressive as well.

After a quick rest at the hotel, we went out for dinner at Kaffi Hornið. It was nice to eat with the whole group, and my travelling buddy Will had fun playing with some Kronor at the table, and was pretty pleased with the stuffed Arctic Fox at the entrace. The food was good, and the desert (chocolate brownie) was amazing. I was going to get a shot of it, but it.. uh.. got away from me before I could do that. You'll just have to take my word for it.

That's it for Day 5. Tomorrow brings some sort of glacier viewing, and hopefully my first puffin encounter. Fingers crossed that the weather is nice!