Day 6 - Glaciers, but the Puffins still elude

We started making our way further south today so that within the next few days we'd be in the Reykjavík area. The first stop of interest was Jökulsárlón, where the local glacier empties into a lagoon that feeds into the ocean. You could watch icebergs slowly float along their way from the glacier and eventually out to sea (at least the smaller ones, the larger ones barely move). There were options to take a variety of boats out into the lagoon, but I thought the views were pretty good from the shore (and would be warmer/dryer) so we walked around a bit and got some photos. This is one of the only times I think I felt the circular polarizing filter was really worth it. Lots of relfections to cut out and luckily the sun was in the right position

After the glacier area, we drove another hour or two before coming to Hof, which is a small village in Öræfi. There was supposed to be a cool church I'd seen others take photos of before, and we went looking for it. We thought we had found it, but it turned out to be an old barn / shed, but I think the photos of it ended up pretty cool anyway. We did find the church (Hofskirkja Church) eventually, thanks to Jessica's well developed orienteering skills, and we even managed to get inside of the church for a couple shots.

Next on the drive was Dyrhólaey, just outside of Vik. It's the southern-most point in Iceland which may have been the windiest place on Earth that I've ever experienced. Even down by the beach, sheltered by cliffs and rocks, the wind was still enough to rock my tripod and ruin just about every attempt at a long exposure that I came up with. I managed to get a couple passable long exposures, but it was just too cold and windy to spend the time going after what I had wanted. We also got in a quick selfie thanks to the $10 remote I picked up before we left. It almost looks like one of those selective color photographs with everything but the subject converted to black and white, but it's just the color of the sand and the rocks making it look that way.

On the way out of the Dyrhólaey we spotted a couple neat houses beyond the hills and stopped for some more photos.

Tomorrow we're heading into Reykjavík to find my space-nerd statue (more explanation on that forthcoming) and to get Jessica a hot dog (apparently there's a place known for their hot dogs...).