Day 8 - Golden Ring, Geysir, Gullfoss and Grillmarkaðurinn

We started out the day by doing a truncated version of the Golden Ring, hitting Gullfoss (waterfall) first, and then back-tracking towards Geysir (the origin of the word "geyser") to see Strokkur, an active geyser. Gullfoss was pretty impressive though quite packed with tourists. It made for some good scenery just walking around the area, and I broke out the big stopper to try and get some nice images of the falls.

After Gullfoss we headed to the Geysir area to check out the geysers, and got to watch Strokkur erupt a few times. It's funny watching the tourists, because you don't really have much warning when the geyser will erupt, so people are just standing around with their phones or cameras pointed at this hole in the ground. Everyone is frozen, just waiting for it to erupt. I brought the a7r II, and the continuous shooting mode made it pretty easy to get decent shots of the eruption. One of these days I'll make an animated gif out of the whole series

After that we came back to the house and I managed to climb my way down to the river in our back yard (from yesterday's image) and set up the tripod and big stopper to get some long exposures. I had never done that before and I learned a few things. Firstly, water shoes are necessities (luckily I brought some). Secondly (and I guess thirdly) getting to the actual river can be difficult in a lot of instances (lots of brush and uneven ground to cover), but once in the water, actually moving against the current and walking on slippery rocks while balancing a tripod and expensive camera is nerve wracking, and not easily done. Finally, I learned that long exposure of flowing water is pretty boring, unless you get some rocks in there to stir up the motion of the water. Anyway, here are a couple from the set. Next time will be better!

After a quick shower to get the Icelandic river gunk off my legs, we headed back into Reykjavík for our dinner reservations at Grillmarkaðurinn. This was a pretty cool restaurant, and a very neat interior. I'm pretty sure it turns into a club at night, it was really dark and had a modern, outdoors inspired interior. The food was really good.

After dinner we walked around the city a bit and I managed to get some nice city-life shots before we made it to the car.

Tomorrow we're back into the city for the maraton that Dennis and Sam are running, as well as Trish's 10k. Not sure what that'll entail photography wise (probably images of sweaty, tired, and relieved people) but I'll put something up for you all to look at!