Day 9 - Marathon Day!

Most of the times we go on these slightly crazy trips (see the Kenya/China travel albums), it's based around Dennis doing a marathon. I attempted to join in at one point, even finishing the half marathon in Kenya, but ever since my IT band and I had a falling out, I've been sidelined and bumped to photographer duty, which is fine by me. This trip was no different, and our last full day in Iceland was spent in Reykjavík for the marathon. Trish ran the 10k and pulled a PR, which unfortunately meant she was sitting around for a number of hours waiting for Sam and Dennis to finish the marathon. We met up with her around noon, and I started shooting the area. The family/kids race was about to get started, and for the littler kids they were either watching from the sidelines or playing around in the park

At around 3.5 hours Sam crossed the finish line, and unfortunately it was as we were fighting our way through to the sidelines for photos that he popped up, so I only managed to get one shot of him before the finish, from the side.

Dennis came less than an hour later so we were prepared a bit more for him. We caught up with him a few minutes after finishing to congratulate him. I don't know the exact number, but this has to be at least his 70th marathon completion

After making sure the runners were rested a bit and could walk around, we headed back to the car and I managed to get some parting shots of Reykjavik on the way out.

We got back to the house an hour or so later and hung out a bit with Jean and Will, and then when everyone arrived we relaxed a bit (and taught Will 'What Does the Fox Say?') before starting to cook our last dinner together in Iceland.

It's been a great trip and we had a blast, but tomorrow it's back to the airport for an early AM flight, and then catching up on all the real-world stuff that we've put off for a week and a half. Thanks for following along on our journey!